I never thought that buying my first camera was going to mean changing my whole life. Well, not everything, because although my life has changed, there are two essential people who continue to accompany me. I explain my work in just two words: it is close, sensitive; I like the feeling of being very close to people. I think you only see things up close. The tears, the kisses. Even if you think you can't photograph the soul, if you're close enough, you can.

I would be lying if I said that photography comes to me since I was a child, that I have lived it at home. The truth is that I had never thought about it and overnight it was the total change of my life. Leaving the stability of a job, office hours, comfort and simply leaving everything to decide to immortalize memories for other people and the truth is that it is something that I would never have thought could fill me so much.

For me, the best thing about what I do is that it allows me to go from a totally narrative photography, telling what happened at that moment as if I hadn't been there, to a much more creative one. Playing with total freedom, with the light, with the place where we are, and that people care about the combination of these things, that they love you simply to tell their stories because of the way your eyes see the world. Photography is also a way to come back!

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